Saturday, April 3, 2010

BulBuls - ബുള്‍ബുളുകള്‍


Mainly there are three varieties of BULBULs. Commonly seen in Bushes and in Gardens. They eat small fruits and rarely insects. Even though they will not sing in long ragas like robin or variety of sounds like ilakkili, always they make sweet sounds which remind us temple bells or wild streams. There small heart will be always filled with joy and there tongue will never rest - unless they sleep!

1. Redvented Bulbul ( നാട്ടുബുള്‍ബുള്‍ )
2. Redwhiskered Bulbul ( ഇരട്ടത്തലച്ചി )
3. Whitebrowed Bulbul ( തവിടന്‍ ബുള്‍ബുള്‍ )